Metal Pen

Metal Pen


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Metallic outline. It keeps its volume and dries quickly. Appropriate for all surfaces and for cloth.
Επίσης έχουν άριστη πρόσφυση σε δέρμα και δερματίνη.
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Χρωματόλογιο - El Greco Χρωματόλογιο - El Greco

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Rose Gold, Black Carbon, Blue Cobalt Turkish, Blue Fhthalo, Brown Van Dycke, Deep Gold, Graphite, Green Bronze, Green Dark, Green Fhthalo, Light Gold, Light Violet, Orange Cadmium, Pearl Bronze, Pearl Gold, Pearl Silver, Pearl White, Pink, Primary Green, Red Alizarin, Red Magenta, Red Medium Cadmium, Red Oxide Dark, Shiny Gold, Sky Blue, Umber Burnt, Umber Green, Violet, Yellow Canary Cadmium, White titanium

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