EL GRECO (Vakouftsis Art Enterprises) was founded in 2008 with the main focus of producing painting, iconography and decoupage materials.

The company was founded George Vakoufsis, who is a painter with artistic activity in the iconography of temples, in artwork restoration , painting and mosaics.

He has edited the iconography of temples and monasteries in many regions of Greece and the USA, as well as works in many countries such as: Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Sweden, England, Germany, USA, Canada, South Africa, Russia, Romania and Bulgaria.

He is a member of the Greek Chamber of Fine Arts, President of the Panhellenic Association of Iconographers, a member of the world encyclopedia of successful personalities Who is Who and also a major work of art restorator.

The production of EL GRECO products takes place exclusively in Greece using raw materials coming from large production units well established in their field, with whom we maintain a long-lasting cooperation of mutual trust.
The company also imports sheets of gold and silver and other materials used in painting and iconography from the German firm Eytzinger.

EL GRECO products were created with high professional quality and competitive prices, thus leaving always excellent impressions to all of our partners in Greece and abroad.

El Greco colours is part of the Vakouftsis Art Enterprises group.

Vakouftsis Art Enterprises began it's professional occupation with arts in 1996 with woodcarving. Then he started dealing professionally with the iconography of temples and portable icons using mural techniques such as secco, fresco, secco with waterglass, and portable icons using egg tempera and oil colours, as well as having a lot of painting activity with various techniques.Furthermore he undertook the restoration of a multitude of works of art. From important works of art (portable icons and relics from the holy monastery of Seltsou , a large collection of works of art in the hospital of Tzanio, a large part in the Municipal Theater of Piraeus, etc.) to works of private collections of temples and monasteries.
Also, on the course, he painted several works of mosaic floors and wall-paintings, of churches and individuals
His work can be found all over the world, in churches and private collections.

He undertook and successfully delivered many works of industrial design in Greece and Europe.
Works have been designed for areas such as furniture, frames, musical instruments, vaping mods, interior, exterior and floor decoration, etc.
There is also great activity as a technical and artistic consultant in many fields, such as hotels, tourist facilities, ceramics, furnishings buisiness and tourist goods,
and generally industrial and productive branches.
Vakouftsis Art Enterprises' second core business is research, development and production of materials.
In artistic branches such as painting,iconography,pottery,engraving, mixed media, decoupage,
mosaic, sculpture, works of art restoration, etc.
Also in industrial sectors, such as furnishings, frames, ceramics, glass and metal decorations, special constructions (hotel units, boats and industrial floors etc.)
It is also worth mentioning the cooperation with Verve Guitars in the decoration aw well as research and development of materials and techniques for music instruments, with presence outside of Greece

And lastly with Vaping services as we are expanding in the vaping industry.
There is quite a large presence through El Grecos representative George Vakouftsis, in exhibitions
as the president of professional icongraphers, the chamber of Fine Arts of Greece, and the higher school of Fine Arts as a rapporteur.

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